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This is me, Ely, pronounced Ellie or /ˈeliː/ if you speak phonetics.

I’m a writer, a thinker, a yoga teacher, a slow mover, a traveler, and quiet woman with a very loud mind. In writing is where I feel comfortable to share my ideas, thoughts, and the medium I use to encourage and invite others like you to think about who we are and the world we live in.

My approach to yoga resembles our very own human nature — it is multi-dimensional and bound to evolve over time. My work currently consists of writing for different yoga-related platforms and wearing the hat of the editorial director at Shut Up & Yoga, a visual independent digital magazine (and I might have mixed up the order of these adjectives).

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And no, I didn’t plan on writing this today, just like that, but I’m a bit tired of my propensity to procrastinate through planning and overthinking. Spontaneity and intuitiveness are part of my personality, and I’m determined to use them more often — starting now.

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