What to expect 

 My intention is that every time you'll come visit, this is what you'll see.

how to be yourself with authenticity

def. n. the ability to be true, genuine. No masks, no pretending.

If you and I show up as who we truly are - not as what looks most beautiful, who we wish we were, or what is accepted by the largest - then connection is possible. Anything we might do unauthentically will end up short-lived; I want this to last. So, when you ask how I am, how life is treating me, how things are going, I intend to answer honestly. Will you join me?

the power of vulnerability

def. n. the ability to share unfiltered weaknesses, struggles.

Through courageously expressing ourselves in the deepest ways, we allow ourselves to connect on a meaningful level as humans; being vulnerable forces us to be true to ourselves and to others; and this only serves growth. Let's make this place safe for us to share, connect & learn from each other. In the big scheme of things, we’re all only humans - and this is where I stand from, my humanity. Are you in with me?

the power of curiosity, how to stay curious

def. n. the burning desire to know or learn about something.

Curiosity is a key element to growth. Trading judgment for curiosity is how we can open to new experiences and where our comfort zone ends; curiosity becomes our best ally whenever we embark on new journeys & adventures. Here, I intend to share all that makes my eyes light up and my heart sing. I love to explore, and hopefully, you’ll stay for the ride with me. Should we let go of judgment, together?