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Tired of wasting time to go to the studio?
Feel like your YouTube practice is not evolving?
Want to work on some specific parts of the body, or lingering emotions? 

Then continue reading. 


What am I offering? 
1-hour online private yoga classes

We settle on a date & time that suit our calendars

At home! We meet on Zoom.


To take your practice to the next level, both physically & mentally + save your precious time. Together we can create a yogi toolbox for you, so you can then heal yourself, go through & learn from difficult emotions and stressful times. 

Why you Need to Make Space for Yourself

It is your human birthright to make space for yourself, to make space for your body, your mind, your needs and desires, to simply exist. It is a journey; you can start small and you don’t have to do it alone


What I Can Help you with

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Create your sacred space

It is crucial that you have a space to retire when life gets too much, when you feel overwhelmed, anxious, nervous or sad. Together we can explore and find what you need to add to your sacred space if you already have one, or how to create one - like a mental (& physical) home.

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LEarn to reach out for help

You don’t have to do it all alone. By taking private classes, you allow yourself to be held and nurtured the way you are supposed to. Over time, you will learn how to care for yourself the way you are meant to.

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Feel safe to ask

Meditation and yoga are incredible tools to get to know yourself better. A foundation of the work I do is based on asking, questioning, wondering. Together, we can practice asking during meditation so you can find the answers you are looking for (getting rid of a toxic friendship, changing careers, and so on).  

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Embrace your inner power

As you find the answers to your questions, you can see your strength, your inner wisdom and be more connected to yourself. Together we can also work on your confidence, resilience and trust so you can shine your true colors and light!

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Comfort yourself

You and you only know what works for you, what doesn’t, how to soothe yourself, how to get energized. As you work on your relationship with yourself and creating your sacred space, you can learn how to comfort yourself.


Working together means making space for true evolution and growth. If you are serious about your practice and want to make yoga an empowering tool with life-long lasting effects, then this is for you.


How Private Yoga Classes can Benefit you

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The Curious Yogi

What's Included:

  • Student sheet to fill in with your needs & desires
  • 1-hour class 
  • 15-minute feedback chat
  • Access to a meditation workbook + downloadable guided meditation

For you if you...

  • are curious about private classes;
  • want to complement your YouTube practice;
  • have taken classes with me & want a class tailored to you.

Investment: 77$ (Tax included)
Valid to use within 2 weeks of purchase.

The Committed Yogi

What's Included:

  • Student sheet to fill in with your needs & desires
  • Choice of yoga type (vinyasa, yin, restorative, a mix)
  • 3x 1-hour classes
  • 3x 30-minute pre and post-class feedback chat
  • Email follow-up with advice to continue the deep work off the mat
  • 3x video recording of the class sent by email 
  • 10% discount for your next “Committed Yogi” Pass (ONE TIME ONLY)
  • Access to a meditation workbook + downloadable guided meditation

For you if you...

  • want to take your practice deeper;
  • want to explore beyond the asana (the physical practice);
  • need to work through lingering emotions;
  • need help to create a home practice.

Investment: 229$ (Tax included)
Valid to use over the course of 6 weeks.


Pass Options

Note: for safety & to facilitate our work, you need a computer camera.
Opportunity to discuss long-term work.


48-hour cancellation policiy. No-shows and late notice will not be refunded.
You must respect the 2-week and 6-week policy. Unused classes will not be refunded.
Not happy with the class? 100% money back guarantee.

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Meet your teacher

One of the most powerful tool you can use to make your yoga practice is language.
When we work together, I choose a word to create a powerful intention and the whole class revolves around said word. The intention is fully integrated to the physical practice so you can truly feel the benefits of the practice on both body & mind.

As an introvert, I do most of my practice at home (if I’m honest, group classes tend to intimidate me); as a busy entrepreneur, I like to know that I’m spending more time on my mat than commuting to & from the studio. But I still rely on my own teachers to help me when I have questions, worries & need further guidance; deep, personalized work is a core part of my own practice.


Topics I have worked with: