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The Meditation Workbook

I teach English as a foreign language and your words about sharing our ideas more, editing our thoughts less, really struck me as something I have not only been trying to help my students with - many strive for perfection before they will speak, but also to believe in myself more and to share the ideas I have inside me with the world. I found you at the right time, your words have helped me to realise that I need to put myself out there more and not worry so much about being judged.

-- Louise


the Monday emails


Ely's weekly emails are my little oasis away from the Monday blues. Her articles help me to start the week in a more mindful and balanced way. Her words are a reminder to be kind to myself through intense times and to embrace my introvert nature without trying to change it.

-- Elena

the private yoga classes

Ely’s classes are unique, she is the most creative yoga teacher I've ever met. Always smiling, she even smiles with her eyes! She makes me feel secure and peaceful; her explanations of the poses allow me to follow her classes without having to watch her, she’s always very clear and precise.

-- Hélène


Ely is passionate about what she does. She enjoys listening to her students and cares about helping them make the most of their yoga/meditation practice. Thanks to Ely, I learned what meditation really is, started seeing obvious, positive changes in my life, and realized the impact of the words I'm using in my daily life.

-- Kamila

workshops & writing services

I have been trying to implement yoga and mindfulness into our studio but never had any luck; I knew the person that came in to work with our students had to be more than just qualified, they needed to be able to transmit hope, love, patience, and confidence. Ely & I met serendipitously and she was excited from the start, making a workshop for us extremely quickly as if to know exactly what our needs were. Her approach to a team of girls that had never practiced yoga before was incredible, making the space comfortable and welcoming so she could challenge when the time was right. We tackled fear, trust, and confidence. Ely is a professional with a deep passion for what she does and an infinite amount of patience. She was warm, had great feedback, and had an outstanding sixth sense to read a room and just know how the class needed to move forward. It was a perfect fit and we hope our work with Ely can continue for years to come! 

-- Maday, Project DALE Founder & President