Behind the Scenes: My First Three Core Values

When the time came to decide on what to let shine through all that I would share, teach, write about here, three words almost instantly came to my mind; I let them whirl around inside my head, sink in. They made sense then, they make sense now and have become my first three core values. 

First, there was...

authenticity the linguistic yogi

I intend to be authentic around here - not being honest with you about who I am would mean not being honest with myself, and would take us nowhere. Of course, it’s way more challenging than I thought it would be (we’re not exactly taught how to be authentic, quite the opposite…), and clearly, I have a lot to learn. But that’s the intention.


A word that has made it to Instagram hashtags and over social media (to my greatest delight) is...

vulnerability the linguistic yogi


I decide to be vulnerable. I believe in the power of sharing because it makes us human, together. Have you ever felt a weight lifted off your chest once you shared [name a struggle] you’d had with someone close to you, feeling like the lowest of the low only to find out they had too? Despite age, nationality, occupation, hobby & more differences, we face many of the same challenges, and it is much more helpful (for both ends) to share them than to pretend we have it all figured out. 

And finally, that one could not - in a million years - be left out. 

curiosity the linguistic yogi

I want us to be curious together. On many occasions, I was told I was too curious, asked too many questions, or went too deep into topics. But there’s no such thing as being too curious, in fact, I owe a lot to my curiosity (this project, the meditation you’re about to try, to name but two) - and I’m surer than sure you do, too. This space you’ll see soon (very soon!) will be a place for you to allow yourself to be curious, to ask, to wonder, to defy what you know - freely.


I hope it makes sense to you. 
I hope these words inspire you ✨

If you had to choose three words to go about in life or in your yogic journey, what would they be?


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