6 Things to Remember When Life Gets Too Intense

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We’ve all been through them, and surely they always come back. They push you outside your comfort zone, they make you go through strong emotions, they shake up your cozy world, they blow your mind, they make your heart beat faster and they disturb your sleep. 

These are intense moments in life.

They are the ones you remember if they’re uplifting and heart-warming, the ones that you blank out or wish you could forget about if they make your heart heavy.

This week, I am celebrating 6 months of working on my own, updating this website weekly and teaching yoga. It’s been intense in - way - more ways than I can count, and very often I’ve had to remind myself that the hard times wouldn’t last; I’ve had to remind myself to embrace those moments and to take all the learning I could get. 

All moments worth remembering in our lives are intense.

That’s when we get knocked off our feet, when evolution happens, when we realize we’ve grown & become stronger, when we get reminded of our humanness… And that we still have a lot to learn.

Here are

5 things to remember

during intense moments

so they become more enjoyable and less overwhelming


1. They are just that: moments

They begin & they end. You can feel they’re intense because you can compare them to the low-key moments, the ones that go unnoticed, the quiet times, the moments where life goes like a breeze. Simple but powerful reminder.


2. They are intense for a reason

Getting married? Changing careers? Moving to a new country? Giving birth? Honoring a family member or friend who passed away? Falling in love? Setting on a backpacking trip on your own to the other side of the planet? Launching a new product for your business? The list is endless.

The most intense moments of your life have pushed you outside your comfort zone, and they were - and will be - intense because they are & will be special. They’re the ones you add to your mental calendar unconsciously, the ones you’ll celebrate and remember, the ones you’ll look back on often. 


3. That’s when meditation needs to make it to your toolbox

Been thinking about starting a meditation practice but haven’t found the ‘perfect’ moment to do so? Now’s a good time. There is no perfect way to meditate; perfect is when it helps you feel more calm, grounded and connected to yourself. Your mental health matters. If you're like and get easily overwhelmed by new things and disorganization, then download this free meditation workbook I created to make it easier to get started. It includes a bonus guided meditation!

4. They are filled with mind-blowing lessons

Maybe they’re there to teach you to surrender, or there to remind you of your weaknesses. Every time I write an article here, I am reminded that I need to work on my confidence: I doubt often - will this be interesting? Relevant? Good enough? - and have to remind myself to feel excited about the learning curve rather than beat myself up for everything I think I do wrong. Every time we go through intense moments, we get obvious signals and it’s up to us to seize the opportunity and work on our impatience, ability to let go of control, to keep going or to remain  


5. They’re the perfect moment to learn to set your boundaries

If you have a hard time setting healthy boundaries, don’t know where to draw the line, don’t know how to say ‘no’ when you need a break from people, work, activity, then these intense moments will be there to remind you. The more you practice setting your healthy boundaries, the easier it will get to go through these intense moments, because you’ll know where and how to recharge your energy


6. Practicing gratitude will help you get through them

Don’t have a gratitude journal yet? Then through the intensity is a good time to start one. Gratitude lists have been life-saviors for; whenever things are too much, when I don’t know how to tackle my to-do list, I write down a couple of things I am grateful for and I can feel my mindset shift almost instantly.


Intense moments are unavoidable - they are part of life and also what makes it great, enjoyable, challenging, entertaining and hard. If today is an intense day, and when tomorrow becomes intense, you’ll know what to do… 

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