Inviting Excitement Back into Your Life

Every blank page is a new beginning. 

Feel excited in your life

As human beings, our natural response when faced with a blank page would often be to feel somewhat nervous. Nervousness comes creeping up on us like a monster dressed as a harmless granny, starting a conversation, one we’re oh so used to: what if I can’t find anything to write about? What if I write the wrong words? What will people think of what I write?

You might be wondering, already, why I'm writing about a blank page - ‘Ely, not everyone likes to face blank pages for fun, why would you bore us with your writer’s block stories?’

Just bear with me here; there has to be something that you love but that also makes you feel nervous, frustrated, anxious, scared. Take a moment to find that thing - an activity, a job, a friendship, a love relationship… Then keep reading. 

Some things both excite you and make you feel nervous

There must be days when you feel this thing, relationship, activity is making you nervous, or frustrates you, makes you anxious, scares you or straightforwardly you want to avoid because there is something in there you don’t want to face. You must have those days, because, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re a human being and those are human feelings (read: you are normal).

This morning is exactly what happened to me. I woke up nervous because I knew today was the day I had to write. I felt frustrated and complained because man, why do I I HAVE to sit down and write because that’s part of my job and I need to be consistent. Can’t things be easier? Can’t someone tell me if what I’m doing right here will even be for something? 

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in Big Magic, her book about living a creative life, that if you’re choosing a creative life you have to be willing to ‘eat the shit sandwich,’ which refers to all the difficult parts of living a creative life (e.g. facing rejection). Again, you can easily take the ‘creative’ part out and apply it to plain living: if you’re willing to lead a life filled with activities, relationships, occupations that make you happy, that fill your cup up, then you must be willing to accept the other side, the less shiny, harder side. 

Your human secret superpower? Freedom to choose.

But remember - our strength as human beings is our power to choose. We can dread the shit sandwich and complain about it. We can choose to let the words we hear in our heads to be the ones uttered by the monster disguised as a harmless granny, let ourselves be taken over by feelings of anxiety, nervousness, frustration.


We can choose to see each blank page as an exciting new beginning with endless possibilities, each relationship as a treasure to cherish with excitement, each activity or job as an opportunity to grow and learn. What is excitement? The feeling of being happy and enthusiastic about something.
You decide. Identify your thoughts and feelings, understand them, invite enthusiasm back in. Think about what is it that lights you up. Focus on that. 

Welcome the new beginnings and the old habits - with excitement.

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