Meditation 101 + Bonus Step-by-Step Guide to Start Meditating Easily

Back when I started meditating, there were few to no tips for beginners. People talked about 'zen meditation,' 'primordial sound meditation,' 'mindfulness meditation,' 'transforming your mind' and reading these big words did nothing but intimidate me. 

And yet, I felt there was a lot to learn from meditating daily. 

There's nothing wrong with using big words, but maybe they're also intimidating you and actually hindering you from starting your meditation practice. My aim here is to show you that you don't need to be afraid of the practice; you'll quickly realize that you need no theory, no expertise make meditation your habit. Meditation is available to you right here, right now. Read on and grab your guide & weekly planner!

First things first...

Click the image to get your guide

Click the image to get your guide

1. What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice human beings have been doing for centuries to achieve many different goals. It can be used to notice what thoughts you're having, to calm yourself down through breathing exercises, to bring your attention to specific topics, gather your energy and simply turn a bad day around.

As you move forward in your meditation, you'll have collected information to learn a lot about yourself. You'll begin to understand what it does for YOU. You might notice you are less angry, more grounded, more creative, or that many tears needed to come out of your body (and let's be honest, although it's written everywhere, I've never met anyone who meditated because it 'lowers their heart rate & blood pressure').

That's the beauty of meditation: you can use it for


2. Who is meditation for?

Anyone who breathes and has thoughts.


3. How to meditate? 

Use apps. Use apps. All of them. Be comfortable with using tools!

My favorites are:
Stop, Breathe and Think.
(It's the one I started with!)
What I love about it: its user-friendliness.
You can 'check in' and choose from plenty of emotions, they recommend the best meditation for your state of mind and give you little stickers when you've reached certain goals.

Insight timer.
What I love about it: you get to see how many people are meditating with you, use a timer with background sound, choose from 8,000+ meditations, you can even choose your language and be part of groups if you need inspiration. See video.

Others I've heard about: Calm, Headspace, Simple Habit

Focus on your breath

That might be a bit harder than listening to someone talk, but that's always an option. I share one of my favorite techniques in my Step-by-Step Guide (LINK).  

• Go to your local studio

If you can, find an introduction class, so you really get to understand all the amazing benefits of a regular meditation practice. This can be useful for you if need something more to commit yourself to the practice (money expense, someone waiting for you...).

• Ask a friend/partner

It might make it easier for you to commit to someone else for the first times, so you can cheer each other on when one of you loses sight of why you're doing this.

• Start small

And be gentle with yourself. Start with 2 minutes every day; again, the goal is for you to start, enjoy the process and slowly make it a habit, not to dread your meditation practice.


You're still not sure about where to start?

I'm here to support and encourage you to start meditating without making the word one you're afraid to add to your vocabulary. I've created a guide that I wish I'd found back when I started my own practice. 

It includes: questions for brainstorming to help you understand your motivation, check-lists and a weekly planner to avoid wasting time and precious attention on deciding when and what to use to meditate 

Don't wait up, the journey awaits!


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