Favorite Inspirational Content | March 2018 Edition

Want to feel inspired? Then you have to read, watch & listen to inspirational content. The best podcast episodes, most jaw-dropping TV shows, enlightening email newsletters to subscribe to, informative articles, uplifting books and YouTube videos, you name it: every month, I curate content so you don't have to waste time looking for the kind that will inspire you. Just sit back, relax, read :-) 

On the agenda today, we have...

1. The trick of the month: making your binge-watching more mindful

Everyone loves to binge-watch these days. What we don't love is the feeling after: realizing you've somehow wasted hours watching things you'd already watched, or that didn't bring any value to your day. Want to make it more mindful and enjoyable from beginning to end?

a. Choose wisely. Decide to watch something you'll actually enjoy, not something you watch because it's the thing you've always watched. In other words, try to lose the robot mode.

b. Press play and ask questions. Why is it that you love this show? Look for details. What is it that makes it funny? Special? What is it that makes you feel at home? 

c. Take notes. If you're a creative, in your job or just like to create, these notes will be useful to go back to on the days you lack inspiration.

d. Let it sink in. You've basically learned from what you've binge-watched. Instead of being passive, you turned your binge-watch into an activity as active as reading or studying!

What you get from this: the uplifting feeling after dedicating time to something you love and can learn from + staying away from the feeling of guilt.

I love Jane the Virgin and often watch my favorite episodes. One thing I love the most about it is that they constantly write on the screen to emphasize humour, feelings, make an event feel more real and human.  


2. Podcast episode from YogaLand

Click to listen!

Click to listen!

This month, I taught my first restorative yoga class; what to do when you go through firsts? Research! (I mean... That's what I do...) Feeling inspired allows me to give the best classes I can. I browsed through the episodes on Yogaland, always a very informative resource and Andrea Ferretti's voice is so soft and calming, it's always a real pleasure to listen. I found an episode she recorded with Judith Hanson Lasater and her daughter Lizzie Lasater.

Usually, restorative yoga isn't the kind we gravitate towards; we like the ones that make us move because being still and resting is a synonym for doing nothing. So this episode discusses this and what restorative yoga does to your body. 

What you get from this: strong and expert reasons why you need time to restore in your life and what restorative yoga can bring to your life.


3. Podcast episode from Self-Care Spotlight

The Journal Deck, Alyssa's oracle cards with writing prompts to explore your own mind and thoughts. Click to listen to the podcast!

The Journal Deck, Alyssa's oracle cards with writing prompts to explore your own mind and thoughts. Click to listen to the podcast!

This episode is golden; Stephanie Birch and Alyssa Kuzins discuss 2 topics that I believe (and they, too) need to be addressed by every single yoga teacher: Instagram-driven yoga and yoga injuries.

The title reads Calling Bullsh*t. Need I say more?

What you get from this: a timely and unequivocal reminder that truth and authenticity matter and the online world is no exception, that yoga can be anything you make of it (definitely not just pretty poses); and that because it's yoga doesn't mean you don't need to be careful with your body.


4.  TV Show

I was ready to write about the creative thriller Money Heist (La casa de papel) but I just started watching Atypical and I feel it is needs to be given credit at this very moment.

It tells the story of a teenager who is diagnosed with autism and wants to start dating - you learn about his struggles, his family's struggles, his way to think and see the world.

What you get from this: a way to work your compassion, empathy and learn about the daily struggles of being & living with someone who is diagnosed with autism.




5. Instagrammer #1: @mindloveducation

Meet Magda, from Warsaw, Poland. She shares inspirational quotes and bits of her meditation, yoga practice, connection to nature and adventures as a human being filled with emotions and optimism. I decided to follow her because her bio said 'only genuine followers please ☺️' - enough said. 

What you get from following her: green colors into your feed and humanness in the most beautiful and simplest of ways.


6. Instagrammer #2: @katherine.herbison

Meet Katherine, from Philadelphia, PA. She is a blogger and has set on a mission to both encourage women to live and eat intuitively (which she is doing beautifully with lots of encouraging posts and messages) and advocate for safer beauty and a safer living. She is a Beauty Counter Consultant, a company whose mission is to change laws used to make beauty products in the U.S. Katherine regularly goes live on Instagram & her Facebook page to discuss beauty and home products along with clothes that are safer for our bodies and the planet. Definitely a cause we need to fight for. 

What you get from following her: refreshing encouragement to live according to your rules & necessary knowledge about the chemicals you put on your body.

Stop the scroll, and read - As a young girl I never set out to have an eating disorder. I remember reading a feature about EDs in a teen girl magazine and thinking, "I'll never have an ED" . However, at the age of 11, I hated my body and the instability of puberty, pushed me gain control of something in my life - food. . My innocent pursuit to become healthier quickly led to full-blown anorexia. I didn't choose it, but the obsession to be thin and attractive overtook me. . Eating disorders can happen to anyone, and sadly 30 million Americans struggle with a full-blown ED. Countless more struggle with body image and food issues. #nedaawarenessweek . 7 years into my ED, I sought treatment, and I feared that I wouldn't appear "sick enough" so I restricted more. You don't have to have a "diagnosable" ED to get treatment. If you struggle with food, body image, or exercise, it's ok to get help. I didn't know how distorted my thoughts and behaviors were until I really dug into them. . I'm thankful to be able to share my story with you all! Please reach out if you need a listening ear. And if you know someone who is struggling, be there for them and encourage them to get help. . . . . . . #phillyblogger #intuitiveeating #antidiet #allfoodsfit #balancednotclean #fuelyourbody #selfcare #recoverywarrior #foodfreedom #saferbeauty #progressnotperfection #edrecovery #lovelysquares #communityovercompetition #seekthesimplicity #communitybuilder #haes #wholeheartedliving #choosingbalance #nourishnotpunish #normaleating #recoverywarrior

7. Email subscription: Quiet revolution

Click to subscribe!

Click to subscribe!

If you're an introvert and need reasons to be your quiet self unapologetically, then I highly recommend you subscribe to Susan Cain's 'Quiet Revolution' email newsletter. You decide if you want to receive inspirational and uplifting stories written by introverts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

What you get from it: the unmeasurable feeling that you are not alone and that our world also has space for you. 


That is all for this month - I hope you enjoy listening, watching, reading.

Is there anything you've loved this month? Inspire me!

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