May the World Be your Teacher

May you see the world as your teacher

May you recognize where learning has to be done

May you listen to opportunities for it

May you seize them and leave your ego to the side

May you consider you might be wrong

And that the world might be showing you the way

Your loved ones, the tree down your street, the sky above you, the children around you, the book on your bedside table, the podcast in your ears, the old TV show you still love, the president you hate, the music you listen to, the cashier where you do your grocery shopping, the mailman and the guy who fills up your tank at the gas station

May you observe your surroundings

May you see the world as your teacher.

May you listen to children’s genuine comments

May you listen to your Teachers

May you question what you hear, listen to what you hear

May you disagree but

May you learn.

May you teach yourself how to listen,



So you can see

The reality.


May you listen

More, better, so you can see the reality.

May you express and feel gratitude in your bones

May you share your gratitude,

Not because you have to,

Not because social media shows you how to,

May you feel it on your skin, in your heart and

May it show in your smiles

May it transcend words and

Even hugs

May you be gratitude

May you feel lightness in your heart when it’s time to

Set aside judgment and be open to


Genuine curiosity,

Learning for the sake of learning.

May you let go of expectations

Old thought patterns and beliefs

May you believe you can


And change


And tomorrow

And every day after that.

May you let your heart free to learn

Free to listen

Free to receive

Free to question

Free to see

Free to feel

May you receive your teachers, and the ones who don’t know

They are,

May you look yourself in the eyes and see you can,

And see you want to


And in turn,

May you accept yourself as a teacher

May you teach the way you’ve learned

With curiosity, openness and


May you question your teachings

May you remain humble

May you remember

The world,

Your teacher.

Teach because you believe in


In what you’ve learned,

Teach to give back

— another form of


Be a part of the world

Be a teacher, be a source for learning

Teach because your voice is unique and


Teach because you value what you know

Not because you say it better

Than others

Than your teachers

Teach because you care.

Teach so others, too, can


With love and curiosity, always,