Sacral Chakra: Learning to Make Space for your Emotions

Talking about the chakra system and the root chakra, I made the analogy of them working like our phones and apps on our phones. Now that we know the chakra lingo and the basics of the chakra system, and that we have our phone (the root chakra), we can look inside and learn about the second chakra, the sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra element : Water   Color : Orange   Location : Lower abdomen, sacral plexus 

Sacral Chakra element: Water

Color: Orange

Location: Lower abdomen, sacral plexus 

The most accurate analogy I found is the following: our sacral chakra can be seen as all the outlets that allow you to embrace your emotions and creativity. Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, this will vary: it can be the Facebook box where you enter your 'status' or your Instagram posts and tweets, or maybe a blog; but it can also be your notes app, or even your messages and simply the phone functionality if you like to share your states of mind with your loved ones.

The sacral chakra is home for your emotions, sensitivity, creativity and sexuality. That's where things 'flow,' where your physical experience - acquired through the root chakra - becomes filtered, takes colors and shapes, giving your experience its meaning. It is also the place where your ability to let go and release stems from. 

Making space for your emotions is what we'll focus on this week; I initially planned to write about nourishment and how we need emotional nourishment but quickly realized there was a problem to tackle beforehand: learning to acknowledge emotions and our right to pleasure, often dismissed for the sake of more 'important' (often material) aspects of life.

The universe exists only through a constant dance of consistency and change. Through consistency, consciousness finds meaning; through change, it finds stimulation and expansion. To find consistency within change is to embrace the unfolding flow.
— Anodea Judith in Eastern Body, Western Mind


Your Right to feel...

Your ability to feel is a direct reaction to the sensory world: through sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste, you experience events, things and people. 

If you've been denied your right to feel, i.e. if you've been taught or shown that feelings are wrong, a myriad of - unfortunately - common issues have probably arisen throughout your life. As a woman, you might have been told to 'stop crying so much' or 'stop acting crazy' when you've voiced your anger or let tears out; as a man, you've probably been told to 'man up' and 'stop acting like a girl' when you showed vulnerability.

I couldn't list all the ways we've been shown that feeling too much is wrong and how society dismisses emotional intelligence; I can tell you, however, that it's had a bigger impact than you'd think.

 If you've told not to feel or show your emotions, you've gotten used to it and to not feel your emotions.

And if can't feel or identify your emotions, it is hard for you to set boundaries, let alone healthy ones, because how can you say 'no' to things and people that hurt you if you can't say if they actually hurt you? This is a major problem in our society where emotions are immensely underrated, despite the significant role they play in our lives. 

... and to have pleasure

Linked to your right to feel is your right to have pleasure. Yes, it is a right.

It is attached to no condition.

You are entitled to pleasure; so if you’ve used yourself to ‘deserving’ pleasure only when you’ve completed a certain amount of tasks, when you’ve run a certain amount of kilometers, when you’ve eaten well, spent enough time studying/working/taking care of things, you might want to reconsider the way you think. As a human being, you have an unconditional right to have pleasure - whatever that means to you (a beer, a tv show, a walk, a good meal, a good book, time with loved ones, you name it).

Pleasure shouldn't be a reward, but a crucial element to your daily life,

just like brushing your teeth.

Signs your sacral chakra needs healing

As mentioned above, there are many ways your sacral chakra might need healing. Besides society forcing us to avoid vulnerability & intimacy, your own personal experiences will have influenced your own relationship with your emotions along with your ability to have pleasure.

Healing needs to happen if:

  • You often feel afraid to express your feelings or have the habit to repress your anger for fear that people might reject you or shame you or even punish you - you can't tell your loved ones they've hurt you because you're afraid they won't want to have you around anymore;

  • You deny yourself the right to take vacations, buy yourself clothes you like and can afford, or have sex, telling yourself you have no time or haven't worked enough for them or a million other reasons - which leads you to feeling fatigued and emotionally drained without understanding why;

  • You feel guilt, your sacral chakra's 'demon', when emotions arise or when you indulge in simple pleasure (like a holiday or a good TV show)

  • You can't find the words to describe how you feel, and you're not sure the decisions you make come from you - this might translate into your inability to leave a partner who's objectively hurting you (something your friends might see) or a job that makes you utterly unhappy (which you've come to consider the norm).

Space: an empty area that is available to be used. (source)

If your sacral chakra is blocked, you'll have a hard time making space for emotions, acknowledging they're there; you'll also find it hard to make space for pleasure. Below, you'll find a couple of actions to take right away to begin healing. 


healing Exercise: getting into the habit of feeling + using the water

There are many ways you can heal your sacral chakra, and the first thing you can start practicing is simply acknowledging - making space for what comes up for you in different situations.

The thing is, if you don't know how you feel, you can't make the decisions that feel right to you. If you have no idea of what you want for yourself, you can’t find the pleasure you want and long for.

Here are two things you can do now: 

1. Feel your feelings.

Try not to censure yourself - when you feel anger, stress, sadness, joy, excitement come up, This should become your #1 ally to self-discovery. If you're not used to it, it won't be easy in the beginning, but over time, you'll be able to simply feel and let go, as if you were observing a storm. Stay curious and remember that your feelings do not define who you are - they are precious signals that act as life guides. 

2. Use ocean, rain and waterfall sounds

If you can go near the ocean - go listen to the sound of the waves as often as you can.

Same thing if you live close to a river or a waterfall - go listen to the sound of the running water. 

Let them be reminders that your life is supposed to flow and that just like the water, your emotions cannot be contained forever. Water flows, as should your emotions. 

If you can't go where the water is, use apps like Insight timer, Simple Habit or Calm to play water sounds. 


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