Solar Plexus: Taking Responsibility, Building Self-Confidence and Willpower

The more I learn about the chakras, the more I think we should teach them in school.

Third Chakra Element: Fire  Color: Yellow  Location: Solar Plexus

Third Chakra Element: Fire

Color: Yellow

Location: Solar Plexus

But this one is particularly important to know about if you are a woman - not that men don't need to take responsibility for themselves, build confidence or will power, but - without getting too political here - women's confidence and willpower aren't as healthy and strong as they should be.

Using the analogy of the phone once more - in past articles, I wrote that your root chakra would be your phone and the sacral chakra the apps that allows you to feel & be creative -, you could view the solar plexus as all the apps that help you feel confident and that help you be proactive. Depending on who you are and your lifestyle, this might be your Nike app or other workout apps, but also your meditation apps, or maybe even YouTube or Spotify if you use them for karaoke or dancing purposes; in short, the apps you use to feel empowered and energized

Your third chakra, the solar plexus, houses your will power, autonomy, responsibility, balanced self-discipline, your confidence and self-esteem but also your spontaneity, sense of humor and playfulness

This is also the place where you realize

- and feel in your bones & core -

that you are good enough.

This feeling gives you a sense of freedom that allows you to act: to take action and look for a job or a house or healthier habits, but also to have fun and make jokes and be spontaneous. You can see how without trust or confidence, it’s hard to be playful; everything has to be serious because if not, we fear they might crumble down in the snap of a finger. 


Your right to act

As a human being, you have the right to act; it might sound a tiny bit stupid because it's all we do, right? Without acting, you can’t eat, sleep, experience friendship or love, have children, a job, a place to live, etc. You might also interpret this as your right to act smart or to get in a position of power - but this does not mean you have reclaimed your right to act.

More than acting, this right is about acting in a way that fits both your ideas and needs. You see how it is very important to know what you need and want for yourself if you want to act accordingly. It's also through this right that you can show reliability and integrity: you need to know what your desires and necesities are if you want your actions to align with who you are.

The right to act isn’t about simple acting, it’s also about finding what you need (through your lower chakras) and finding a way to get there (through your higher chakras). Only then can you act in a way that fits you and your needs - both on the physical and mental levels.

Reclaiming your right to act means reclaiming your right to take action for yourself, to take responsibility for yourself, to act in a way that reflects your needs and ideas.

Where two worlds meet 

The solar plexus is the place where physicality & the world of thought meet. Through the lower chakras (root & sacral) you experience the physical world, feel your needs, feel your emotions; through the higher chakras, you think, imagine, push away limiting beliefs, change your mind. Using your physical needs and your mind to think, you can take action. Without a proper experience of the physical world, you can’t know where you need to go. Without the world of thought, without your imagination and freedom to think for yourself, you can’t know how to get there.

Rather than wanting to get into a position of power and reclaim that position you've lost or never had (in relationships of employer/employee, victim/abuser, parent/child, etc.), using your right to act means establishing a balance between passivity and proactivity within yourself.

It's claiming your responsibility, expressing your willpower to get to where you want to go. You have ideas but can't find the courage to materialize them? Want to get to know someone but don't dare to approach them? This is where your solar plexus comes into play, where all your power to act can be found.


The other side of the confidence coin 

When confidence takes over and turns into arrogance and egotistical actions, your chakra is also off balance. In our world, we’ve come to think that we are either victims or controllers - we either decide for ourselves or have no say in anything, either win or lose. This is a very dangerous outlook on our lives and one that needs rectification - in other words, that needs healing.

Reclaiming your right to act doesn’t mean you have to step on others’ shoes. We often think that someone else's success - whatever that means - impacts opportunities for our own success. Picturing the world this way might lead you to... 

  • be tempted to blame others for your lack of success, thinking there is no space for you to get to where you want to go;
  • overcompensate for your lack of confidence and use your power to the degree of becoming manipulative, lacking integrity and reliability (only using your willpower to prove something to the world).

It's important to take responsibility for your own life and in doing so, you focus on your own path - which is enough trouble and effort, let's be honest - rather than trying to compete to see who wins the race faster, or on the contrary, using the other's wins to say you stood no chance.

Signs that your solar plexus needs healing 

Lots of complaining is never a good sign. If you spend a lot of time judging, criticizing, feeling like you have it worse than anyone else, now would be a good time to check in with yourself and understand where you have the power to change things for yourself. There are things you can’t change (e.g. the weather) but some things you can (e.g. a job, a friendship, a relationship). Although you might think you’re powerless, the simple task of thinking about how you could improve a situation makes you switch from a passive to an active behavior. 

Blaming others, the world and the universe for your situation is also a loud sign. Blaming shows your sense of responsibility is damaged and it will probably hinder you from acting. Thinking you have to wait for something (a better job, a better partner, a better pay, a better closet, a better car, etc.) to take action reveals a lack of will, which is also related to your sense of responsibility. If you don’t believe you have your part of responsibility in something, your will is dramatically reduced. If you don’t believe you are good enough or if you don’t think you have what it takes (to win a dancing competition, write a song, apply for your dream job), this shows lack of self-esteem, also a loud sign that your solar plexus needs attention. 

Easy Practices to Heal your Solar Plexus

If your solar plexus is deficient (i.e. you tend to lack confidence and aren't as proactive as you'd wish), get moving: run, dance, sing, laugh, invite the fire in! Indulge in fire-y yoga practices that include planks and core work, or gym classes like aerobics, zumba and step. You can also practice breathing exercises like kapalabathi, "breath of fire". 

If your chakra is excessively energized, focus on deep relaxation and stress control: go to restorative or yin yoga at least once a week, practice breathing meditation like counting to 4 to inhale and to 6 to exhale. Martial arts can be your preferred way to build ego strength and willpower.

And remember, you have power. It starts with taking responsibility for yourself and your ambitions.

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