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Sacral Chakra: Learning to Make Space for your Emotions

The sacral chakra is the second chakra, which deals with your right to feel and have pleasure and is associated with the element of water. Despite society dismissing emotional intelligence, your ability to feel and understand your emotions is crucial to your well-being and decision-making processes. Read to find ways to heal your sacral chakra.

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Why You Need to Know about the Chakras: An Introduction

Understanding the Chakra system can be incredibly useful for your everyday life. Whatever experience it is you’re going through, learning about the chakras will help you process, heal, recover from the hardships & give you the tools to create positive experiences for yourself. Here is an introduction about the chakra system to kickstart your learning journey!

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6 Ways Filling in a Gratitude Journal Will Change your Life

Gratitude has become a buzz word and for good reason: it is a catalyst for instant happiness, and more importantly, an easy one to work on every day! I tell you about my experience with the 5 Minute Journal created by Intelligent Change and the positive impact it’s had on my life. Find ways to incorporate gratitude into your life in there, too.

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