10 Mantra Songs to Comfort Yourself

If you’ve been practicing yoga for some time, you will have come across mantras. They are incantations, invocations (often in an Indian dialect or Sanskrit) used in class or for meditation.

The Best 10 Mantra Songs to Comfort Yourself

Man’ in Sanskrit means ‘think’ and -tra is a suffix that translates the idea of an instrument. So mantra = instrument to think. Welcome to yogi grammar 101 with Ely B-)

As opposed to affirmations, mantras tend to be sacred full sentences made to give you strength, power, confidence, comfortAnd to call on your higher self (a big word, I know). They’re made to remind you of the divine around and within you, and they help you break negative flows of thoughts.

When paired with music and turned into songs, they’re very uplifting and definitely add to your meditation and yoga practice. Sometimes they just put you in a bubble and allow you to cry, sometimes they make you want to dance around on your mat; often, they simply allow you to be more present.

Here is a list of my favorite mantra songs, which I sing out loud often, even more so during challenging days and weeks, or use for meditation from time to time. Read to the end to listen to my all-time favorites!


Perfect to Have in the Background

For working on your computer, doing creative work, cooking, to sing on the street (why not). You might recognize the titles - they’re very well-known mantras, and you might have heard different versions.

Ong Namo by Mirabai Ceiba

A classic, Ong Namo has been played by many different artists. This mantra is about calling the divine: ‘ong’ means the Creator (God, the divine) and ‘nam-’ means ‘to bow’ (like in namaste). The rhythm and voices in this version always have me sing my heart out...




don’t be afraid to use mantras.

Although they might sound a bit too ‘woowoo’ to you at first,
they truly enhance your yoga practice on & off the mat.


Mul mantra, Snatam Kaur

If you’re looking for a song to wake up to as you make yourself a nice cup of tea, as you begin your morning routine, or during journaling, this is the one. ‘Mul’ means ‘root’ (like in ‘muladhara’, the root chakra), and will have you singing about truth.







Om asatoma by Ben Leinbach, Miten, Deva Premal

This one is such a soft version of yet another classic mantra, the singer’s voice is incredibly beautiful. It is about victory, and calling on to your higher self for truth and light. This version is absolutely enchanting. You can have fun singing the different voices.




For Meditation

Expand into intuitive knowing by Jai-Jagdeesh

A 20-minute long song, ideal if you want to meditate with music on, let the mantra (the same you hear in ‘mul mantra’) sink in. I usually meditate for 10 minutes, but on the days I need more, I like to play this one, it helps me ‘push through’ and stay in the meditation (giving up is easy).




Satigur Kar Deenai by Jai Jagdeesh

This one is very special to me because it played during morning workshops at my yoga teacher training. It makes me feel cozy and is a mantra for protecting your home (you’ll hear Jai Jagdeesh sing ‘keep this home safe and warm’); definitely one to play in your yoga space.




The perfect Savasana songs

Depending on the crowd I’m teaching, I use songs to get into savasana (I find it to be a nice helping hand for beginner yoginis) or to wake students up at the end. These are my favorite mantra songs to play, the lyrics are beautiful and savasana seems like the best moment to have students to listen to uplifting lyrics.

Amen by Sirgun Kaur

Sirgun Kaur has many incredibly touching songs, but this one has to be my favorite.






Light of my soul by Ajeet Kaur

This one is my favorite song to hug myself to, and I try to have it play when students are doing so as well. How can you not love a song that has you repeat ‘I am beautiful, I am bountiful, I am bliss’ over and over again?




My All-Time Favorites

Shivoham by Snatam Kaur and Manish Vyas

This one I play very loud in my ears but rarely sing along to. It has a special effect on me, as if I felt protected and safe every time I listened. I’ve cried (and wept) a lot to this one.





Light of love Jai Jagdeesh

For when I need to trust, love and heal my body. The lyrics are directed at the divine out there in the universe, the creator, God (however you want to call it), but I like to direct the words to myself, with my hands on my heart. After all, the philosophy of yoga says the divine is all around… So it’s in me, right?




I can’t promise not to feel some fear, or to always understand
But I’ll be the change I wish to see, I will hold every hand
I am tangled up in beauty, I see clearly that it’s me
I have opened up my heart, and surrender unto thee

So beautiful I could cry every time I sing this bit.


Suddhossi Buddhossi by Simshai

I just found this one and it was love at first sight (or should I say… listen?). They sing in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew and Sanskrit (!) - a language lover’s dream song. The lyrics, the voices and the tunes fit in together just perfectly. They sing: ‘You are forever pure, you are forever true, and the dream of this world can never touch you. So give up your attachment, give up your confusion, and fly to that space that’s beyond all illusion…’




Want more? In my meditation workbook, you can learn how to use mantras and get a playlist to pick songs from. Download it below. What are your favorite mantra songs? Please share!

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