Third Eye Chakra: What If? The Power of Seeing Things Differently

If the Third Eye Chakra were an app, it would be your camera without filters.

Element of the Third Eye Chakra:  Light   Color:  Indigo   Location:  Forehead, brow, carotid plexus

Element of the Third Eye Chakra: Light

Color: Indigo

Location: Forehead, brow, carotid plexus

This chakra is all about seeing, as its location in the body indicates, but also about self-reflection, intuition, imagination. It’s where your ability to identify and perceive patterns lies, and when it is in balance, you can make decisions that truly fit your needs, desires, and dreams. 

We live in a world where everyone wants us to believe things: through ads, companies make us believe we need the latest computers and overflowing closet; through culture and supposedly established truths (which we're not used to questioning), societies make us think we need to be hard-working and have a well-paying job, a partner to be married to, a beautiful house, children, fancy holidays… in order to be successful; through religious brainwashing, we forget to question, think for ourselves and let our minds wander about how we see the divine, the sacred and who or what God is.

By reclaiming your right to see, you allow yourself to imagine: to imagine what your life can look like if you question people’s points of view, without holding back for fear of being judged, criticized or unlovable.

To see: to be conscious of what is around you by using your eyes.
— Your Friend the Dictionary

Your Right to See 

I know, just like your right to speak or to be here, your right to see sounds a bit… weird. Of course, I’m allowed to see, you’ll say, I see with my eyes everyday. But as always, it’s never only about the literal sense; rather, this right is about seeing things for what they are.

Reclaiming your right to see means allowing yourself to

get rid of the 'shoulds' and 'shouldn’ts',

getting rid of what you’ve been taught to ask yourself:

am I seeing the truth? 

As a human being, you are allowed to see the truth, to see yourself as who you are, what you are, so you can adjust your actions, needs and desires accordingly. This might mean getting rid of the idea that you have to have children, or that you need a closet filled with expensive clothes, or that the religion you’ve been taught needs to be yours, too. This goes for people and situations, too: you’re allowed to know about to know about what truly happens in politics, what your friends are saying behind your back, and any other information that you need to make the best decisions for yourself. Not for your neighbor, or your loved ones, for yourself. 

That’s where the power of imagination comes in.

That also means that you’re allowed to see the future in different lights. You’re allowed to:

  • See a boring relationship for what it is
  • See a meaningless job for what it is
  • Identify your body’s need for burgers and peanut butter
  • Understand that shops are selling stuff you don’t need
  • Feel that your friends are energy vampires 
  • Feel that you don’t need to diet
  • See that you are good enough, smart enough, [insert adjective] enough

And because you’re allowed to see these things as they are, you are allowed to imagine a different reality than the one you’re in if it doesn’t fit your needs and desires; you are allowed to dream and to follow your intuition - which can’t happen if you don’t see things clearly, for what they are.

As grown-ups, a lot of our work consists in unlearning

what we've learned to make space for what we truly want.

If you see things for what they are, you can adjust, stop, change, move around the pieces of your life to craft the one you truly want. If you don’t claim that right, you see things as you’ve been told. How can you make decisions for yourself according to other people’s points of view? If you bought clothes the same size as your tall brother or short friend, would they fit? 

But really, why would you make decisions according to other people’s sizes? 

Signs that your third eye chakra is off balance

“That’s just the way I am” 
“I can’t imagine things changing”
“There is no way out from my current situation”
“I am too
[insert any adjective] for [insert chosen dream or desire]” 
“I am not
[insert adjective] enough”

These are all affirmations that can reveal a chakra off balance. Whether you want to leave your job, welcome a new person in your love life, are dreaming of moving to another country, these words that you use for yourself are self-imposed limitations, which means you can overcome them. Granted, society is very good a putting picture-perfect life ideals in front of your eyes, telling us how to look, what to wear, how to spend our money, how to earn it, where to live, how many kids to have and when we should have them, and so on.

But the beautiful thing is that you can change the words you use for yourself. You can turn the barriers that challenge your ability to see clearly and start to see.for.yourself. When you don’t allow yourself to see, you’re in a kind of denial state: for example, you might be denying you have a problem like an addiction, that you’re not over controlling or jealous, or simply saying that you are happy when you’re not. 

Below are two techniques to help you leave the state of denial and to start seeing things more clearly, so you can make the decisions that fit you and your life.


2 techniques you need to add to your daily life

Pay attention to your words

Start using different words. Using different words, or adding them, will help you believe in yourself and give you the confidence you need to explore your reality through your own eyes - the eyes of your mind.
So, from...

“That’s just the way I am” 
“I can’t imagine things changing”
“There is no way out from my current situation”
“I am too [insert any adjective] for [insert chosen dream or desire]” 

... See if you can get to something like that:

That’s the way I am… for now
I can’t imagine things changing… yet
There is no way out from my current situation… yet
I am too [adjective] for [dream]... if I don’t work on it
I am not [adjective] enough… yet


Start a meditation practice

This will help you develop intuition, get to know yourself as you’ll notice the thoughts that come up in your mind as you meditate. You will see what you think about often and will find answers over time (to why you're thinking about work all the time or why a friend annoys you). Meditating will also help you become calm, help you sleep better and can be a wonderful tool to use for stress relief

I created a workbook to help you meditate easily, make it a habit so you can turn it into a powerful tool to get to know yourself, your desires, your needs and shut out the noise from everyone & everything around you. 


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