Why I Stopped Writing Weekly Emails

Dear curious mind,

It is with a bit of a heavy heart that I’m writing this today. 

This past week hosting and joining the challenge Elena and I had organized, the #CreateWanderingChallenge, allowed me to make a much-needed assessment of how my creative process is currently at right now.

See, what I have decided to do for a living involves waking up every morning and putting words together to find a way to transmit ideas.* And over the past few weeks, I’ve been putting those words together because I simply have to — and that’s really not why I got here in the first place.

I have chosen this path for the love of words, ideas, and freedom. I have decided to become a writer because language is the outlet I feel the most comfortable in to share my optimism for the world and how we can — gently, slowly, softly — take care of it and our species.

When I first began this journey last year, I had very little idea of what was possible. I would wake up in the morning and just… Try things out. It’s been such a weird, scary, exciting, and transformative adventure so far, and I’m happy to share that it’s brought many opportunities I could never even have dreamed of — only a handful of months ago!

Now, I wake up in the morning with a packed to-do list and not enough headspace to fit all my creative projects. I freelance, I edit, I plan, I outline, I share, I brainstorm, I edit some more, I write some more, and I add a whole lot of article ideas to a Trello board I never get the chance to open.

But more importantly, I have a book to write, and I want this path to be mine for the long term. I want to be able to sustain it so it keeps working for me mentally, physically, socially, financially.

And if this is not only to be my dream and hope, but also what I work towards every day, now is the time to make decisions. I don’t want to simply get things done and miss out on the excitement I get when I’m fully, wholeheartedly involved in the process.

So this week, I wrote my last weekly email — at least for now.
I’ve loved writing them and it’s been such a pleasure to be connected with curious minds on a deeper level, away from the noise of the online world. My intuition tells me I’ll still write to share news, updates, latest articles, thoughts, and questions — maybe in more of a sporadic newsletter format.

But for now, I’m choosing to focus on the big projects, and to get back into the creative zone not because I have to, but because of how much I love it.

However much you’ve following and read, thank you for joining the thinking, exploring, and questioning. Although I won’t be writing weekly anymore, I’ll still be exploring the world of ideas and I’m sure you will too. If you ever want to start a conversation, journey through reflections, and get a companion to do it with, I’m still here — you can always find me (info@elybakouche.com).

I’ll leave you with this week’s questions: Is there something you’re currently doing on robot mode? What jobs are you just “getting done?” What learnings and epiphanies could you be slipping through because you’re overlooking (or stressing out on) the process of making? The process of living

May you find all the answers you’re looking for — and stumble upon ones you didn’t expect.

Happy exploring, dear!

With love & curiosity,


*obviously, I’ll be real, this is only half of what the work involves. There’s all this admin, a little boring (but necessary) work to do, too.

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