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Rebuilding our perceptions

Rebuilding our perceptions

This week, the word is ambition.
I know, it might not sound very yogic but that's exactly why it has made it to the word of the week: so we can think of a way to make it so. Surely, ambition doesn't have to describe an ardent desire for fame, power and rank (that's what Merriam Webster says about it).

See, if you asked me, I don't think I'd say I am not ambitious. I definitely don't come across as an ambitious person, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. 




But I do feel ambitious - at least in some kind of way (I'm really tiptoeing here, this is but a big draft on our way to creating a new definition of the word). I want to learn, to grow - do you think that could count as ambition? The ambition to learn about yourself, about the world, about how to be a better human being, really.

So in this sense, being ambitious doesn't mean wanting more rank, fame, or power; if I start to allow myself to be ambitious, it means I have much more time and energy to dedicate to my actual growth rather than to not liking the word ambition.

A lot of us look for deeper things than fame, rank, power, and don't see ourselves as ambitious. Because it's a big word, right, and yet we could say we're driven, eager, and maybe even careerists.

Careerists in the search for the highest versions of ourselves. Ambitious to become our own CEOs, CEOs to our minds so we could make the most thoughtful and impactful decisions for ourselves.

Instead of being heads of a big company with no real purpose than to be waking up and then eating and then working and then eating and then working some more and then eating again and then exercising and then eating and then going to bed to do it all over again (yes, I am exaggerating here, it's just so you're emotionally called out here, apparently that's what makes a good blog post)... Instead of that, we'd be one-person companies with just one goal in mind: to find what's good for that one person.

We'd be the most important voice when it came to the biggest decisions. We'd be ambitious enough to have the last words as to where our time, energy, resources would go.

Sounds quite nice, doesn't it?
I think I'll be ambitious, from now on. Will you?


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