Word of the week | epiphany (+DIY!)

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I have a question for you today: When was the last time you had an epiphany? You know, this feeling in your chest & mind that translate a profound understanding of something that had been hidden, but that felt both familiar & mind-blowing when it came to the forefront of your mind. 






I mean, that’s my definition of an epiphany. A piece of knowledge is hiding, but I can feel it, deep down, and then, pop! Something clicks one day and I suddenly make its discovery, and in matters of seconds, it becomes an epiphany

Merriam Webster says (I promise I didn’t look it up before writing my own) an epiphany is... 

‘an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an event)

usually simple and striking’. 

So, when was the last time you had an epiphany?

I had one this weekend; I can’t share it yet, but you'll know about it soon enough. Today, however, I do want to give you an invitation

I want to invite you to create your own epiphany this week. I truly believe you can make them; what you have to do is quite simple (it does take a little dedication, but it's worth it!).

  1. Choose a topic you love - a concept (e.g. freedom), an activity or hobby (sports, instrument), something you love to learn about (cooking, dance moves, words); 
  2. Research. Read articles and books about your topic, listen to podcasts, watch movies & documentaries, talk to people who share those interests with you, even look up Instagram hashtags if you like (and be mindful doing it!);
  3. Tune in; sit down and ask yourself why. That's the most important step. Why is it you like to sing so much, why is that topic so fascinating to you? Sit down and ask yourself. And then just listen.

This week I invite you to build your own epiphany. It feels funny to be writing this, an epiphany DIY. But I truly believe these gems never come as you stroll through life passively (and the dictionary actually backs me up on this one). 

Choose, research, ask.

It’s important to understand your why; answers to your whys act as your compass (or your Google Maps...). Have you been anywhere without a compass?

I wish you a week filled with learning, fun, and building your own epiphanies...

& don't forget to share your epiphanies with me!

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