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After many twists and turns and putting brainstorming onto paper and 'action items', I've been feeling 'readier', if I may say, to launch this website and the projects I've been working on for the past few weeks. Have you ever felt that way? 'Readier' to do something? More ready than you were a few moments, days, weeks before?






I'd love to be constantly ready

As I am trying to understand how and where this feeling comes from (because who doesn't want to feel ready on demand! imagine if we were always ready for new and challenging projects), I am wondering if I'll actually ever get ready, and if I've ever been ready for anything I went for in the past. 

Have you? 

The more I think about it, the more I feel convinced that my answer is no. The examples I always use are the big decisions I have made in my life: to move from a country to another (5 times so far), to embark on learning journeys (diplomas and certificates), to get married, apply for new jobs...

And I realize I was never fully ready, not because I didn't feel that way, but because I could never have prepared for something I had no idea would come.

There are expectations you have, right, things you imagine will happen. But you never really know until you're there, experiencing the thing you might have thought you were ready for (a move, a job). 

So I am being honest with myself and openly saying that I am not ready - not because that's how I feel, but because it won't matter the minute I hit publish, post, share. Whatever comes, it'll challenge me in new ways and, eventually, make me grow. 

Suddenly, launching a website and projects seems way less scary.
Because whatever happens, I'm prepared to not being ready, to being taken by surprise and to losing my balance. 

Are you waiting for readiness? And more importantly, do you think you need readiness to move forward in your projects and dreams? 

Just give it some thought. 

Maybe you're one thought away from throwing readiness out the window.

Here's to a week of openness to not being ready - and doing anyway. 

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