Why Become a Lifelong Student

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Before the weekend came in, I'd already set my heart on a word for this week, but on Saturday, my husband & I went to Princeton University (the famous!). We had to pick up our car nearby and decided to seize the opportunity to walk around the university campus. We walked in and out of the buildings, looking around, turning our heads left and right, up and down, the way foreigners do, curious to discover what had to be discovered.




But every time I entered a library or a study space, I felt the softest sensation of warmth & peace slipping in through my body - a familiar feeling, as if I'd been there before. 

I felt I might as well have taken my coat off, sat at a table, taken my computer & books out, and started reading academic articles for my next paper. I have such great memories of my student years; all the learning and writing and the quiet of the libraries.

So, in the middle of old rooms & focused readers, I decided on the word of the week.

I invite you to think about what defines a student - it's more fun than you think. Close your eyes, take a big big big breath in & out... And let the thoughts come in.

Now, I'm not really talking about the library part, rather, about the part that says that as a student, you're learning - getting to know about a new subject, acquiring a new skill. Think of all the growth & opportunities learning can bring, at work, in your relationships, in your well-being.

If we think about being students this way, forgetting about the books & the lectures, the teachers & the exams, all that comes to mind when using the word student, what is left is the enjoyable, ever-lasting part

We can then decide to be students forever: no need for the setting to be as perfect as the Princeton campus, and certainly no need for exams; just curiosity & dedication. And slowly, the learning turns into growth, which turns into opportunities, and the circle keeps repeating itself endlessly...

I hope you remind yourself of the student you are this week, and find all the ways you can happily - and voluntarily - stay one.

And I'm just an email away if you feel like sharing what being a student means to you - I'd be more than happy to learn about it. ;-)

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