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Third Eye Chakra: What If? The Power of Seeing Things Differently

The third eye chakra is all about seeing this for what they really are, and seeing for yourself. You are allowed to see the reality, and to use your imagination and intuition. How can you make decisions that fit your needs & dreams if you can’t see them? If you’re brainwashed into believing a reality that doesn’t fit you? Learn more here.

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Sacral Chakra: Learning to Make Space for your Emotions

The sacral chakra is the second chakra, which deals with your right to feel and have pleasure and is associated with the element of water. Despite society dismissing emotional intelligence, your ability to feel and understand your emotions is crucial to your well-being and decision-making processes. Read to find ways to heal your sacral chakra.

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Meditation 101 + Bonus Step-by-Step Guide to Start Meditating Easily

You've been willing to start a meditation practice but you have no idea how to do it, or if it's even for you? This article is specifically for you. You will learn about what meditation is, who it is for, where to begin... And I even have a little something to help you kickstart your practice easily! 

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